The Alberta Invasive Species Council (AISC) Webinar Series is made possible by those who generously donated their AISC2020 conference registration fees.

Upcoming Webinars:

11am, June 10th, 2020Protecting the Prairies at the Border and your Backyard, presentation by Tim Gingera, Aquatic Invasive Species Biologist Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Signup for this free zoom webinar by clicking here

Description: In 2015, Canada passed the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations (AISR) into law. The objective of this legislation was to create a comprehensive national AIS framework that would complement the patchwork of provincial legislation. The federal AISR create several prohibitions, such as import, transportation, possession, and release, while also allowing for the deposit of control substances that target specific AIS. Prior to these regulations, there was no law covering the interprovincial transfer of AIS or their import into Canada. Furthermore, additional resources were made available to DFO in 2017 for the implementation of the AIS Regulations. With new resources come new challenges on a complex jurisdictional landscape within central Canada. Regional AIS priorities are determined by the in-land provinces, as they are the delegated freshwater AIS authority. The relatively new presence of the federal AIS Program has led to many challenges for all government agencies involved, such as determining the GoC’s role with AIS and how to best achieve a variety of priorities among the three Prairie Provinces. This presentation will review the partnership between DFO’s and the province of Alberta’s AIS Programs, and how the federal program has aimed help support Alberta with limited resources.

Previously presented webinars:

Click below to watch the May 27th, 2020 webinar Invaders: forest insects and diseases from beyond, presented by Caroline Whitehouse with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. 

Click below to watch the May 13th, 2020 webinar Feral pig and rat eradication in Alberta, presentation by Perry Abramenko and Karen Wickerson with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.  

Powerpoint resources from this presentation:

Click below to watch the April 29, 2020 webinar Alberta’s Close Calls on Aquatic Invasive Species in 2019 presented by Nicole Kimmel, Alberta Environment and Parks Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist.