EDDMapS Pro app for Invasive Species Managers

EDDMapS Pro app for Invasive Species Managers

The Alberta Invasive Species Council is proud to support the EDDMapS (Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System) Pro app from Bugwood Apps in Alberta!

This free app is designed for invasive species field data collection by professionals including County Land Managers, Agricultural Fieldmen, Invasive Species Managers and anyone responsible for a specific area or needing to document repeated visits to high-priority infestations of invasive species. Accurate, precise data is essential to any invasives management program. Data submitted through the EDDMapS Pro app can be summarized and used to inform future prioritization and management strategies, more effectively utilizing limited resources.

Note: this app is separate from the EDDMapS app (citizen-science-based).

Download EDDMapS Pro for FREE!


Streamline your invasive control and monitoring efforts using the new EDDMapS Pro features:

  • User-friendly interface makes accurate and consistent data collection feasible for your entire field crew.
  • Customize your experience and easily adjust the offline maps and species you will be working with on any given day, allowing data collection in remote/no mobile service locations.
  • View invasive management efforts at a glance - Record revisits and mark the site as Positive (species present), Negative (species not present), Treated, or Eradicated, shown with different coloured pins.
  • In-app filtering allows display of specific records on maps.
  • Downloadable data sets (by county).
  • Image “ghosting” allows you to take precise monitoring photos year after year.


Go to https://apps.bugwood.org/apps/eddmaps-pro/ or the app store for your device to download the Free EDDMapS Pro app - available for Android and iPhone!


Already using EDDMapS for citizen scientist reporting? Use your same log-in information to sign in to EDDMapS Pro!

EDDMapS Pro Training Webinar presented by Chuck Bergeron with the University of Georgia and Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health. 


If you are interested in learning more about the EDDMapS Pro app or training sessions, please contact: